Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint

JAID Home Studio + Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint

JAID Home Studio is a proud stockist of Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint. We use it daily on every project we undertake!

For Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint orders, check out the products online by clicking the button below, and contact us with your order!  We will gladly ship to you!

We also carry a selection here in the studio. If you're local and would like to swing by, please contact us to schedule an appointment.  We'll happily talk all things Miss Lillian's with you - and even let you play around a bit!

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why miss lillian's?

Beautiful Finish

Straight out of the jar! No waxing required.

Did you know that wax was never intended to be used as a sealer and often needs to be reapplied?  Now you do!

Wide Color Range

Even metallics!  With over 150 colors at your disposal, it's easy to find (or blend) the perfect shade for your project.

Minimal Use

A little goes a very long way! Absolutely phenomenal coverage that goes on smooth.  It's the best we've found!

Water Based

No need to worry about caustic substances or latex allergies - and clean up is a breeze!

Water based paints also offer superior manipulation and blending.

Built-In Sealer

Your project is ready-to-go when the paint is dry,

For furniture pieces that get heavy use, we recommend a Luster top-coat as an extra protective step.

Use On Any Surface

Wood, plastic, metal, fabric, glass...even laminate.

When using on surfaces other than wood or fabric, Swamp Mud is encouraged as an extra bonding step.